The moon so full it filled all view,

A breeze tiptoeing throughout the wood,

Under foot soft grass; soaked in dew,

Sneaking in, when others never should,


Not knowing what was to be found,

But enchanting her curious gentle gaze,

Inspecting all mossy and broken ground,

Dancing around the shadowy maze. 

He rejoiced within her shadow all the while,

Unseen by her, but reassuring and warm,

He forbade the dark cold every mile,

As innocent she pranced; a wild fawn,


Through holly, past fir and into the pine,

She walked with him through dusk and cloud,

Companions throughout their carnival of time,

Illuminating the wood; their glowing shroud


Then came a call from across the creek,

Thawing dread, her delight absconded;

Twas not a song nor a voice that did speak,

Bowing his head, fulfilled, he responded,


Tracking back; whispers guiding her on the breeze,

She did tumble and stagger, her anchor adrift,

Enveloping gloom on her heart did squeeze,

Her surroundings bizarre, a sentimental rift,


She left the woods and lay in the meadow,

Seeking his joy she rocked and tossed,

Adjusting to the remoteness, remembering a time ago,

Sighing to her feet she stood upon the new frost, 


A different warmth filled her; swirling around,

The memories and deep joy began to appease,

Then she began to walk, skip and bound

As she knew he looked on, from the edge of the trees.




By Molly Sellers