This is totally random, 

Random and succinct,

Succinct, a word I recently learnt,

Means: to the point. I think. 


So to the point I shall go,

Straight there no turning back,

Oh no, one second, just realized,

I forgot my mac,


Mac as in the MacBook?

Mac as in a coat? 

Ha! You will never know,

Never, in 100 years and a goat.


Where did that goat come from,

Did you put it there?

I bet you did you cheeky minx 

With its brown eyes and white hair.


Do you recon goats can surf?

Yeah, they must be able to,

Whether it’s the net or a wave,

It’s a simple thing to do.


Sorry, bit of an odd question,

Just slipped into my brain,

Slipped; like on a banana skin,

Oh dear, random tangent again.


This could go on and on,

From lemon juice to astronauts to tandems

But hey, I said at the beginning,

This is totally random.




By Molly Sellers