The nightmare is hot it comes and it goes,

Everything’s a blur, friends or foes?

There is something out there beyond the light,

But I cannot reach it, lost in the fight.


The dice has been rolled, fingers pointing at me,

I want to escape but there’s nowhere to flee,

It’s a mad hatters game of get lucky or die,

The light has gone, black is the sky.


The music of gunfire has got stuck on one note,

Repetitive fusillade, ‘fight for peace’ I once wrote,

Pushing forward forgetting the flag,

The flag that’s now nothing, but a muddy rag.


Now is the time; a decision must be made,

Life or honor, the tears start to cascade,

And through those watery mirrors I begin to see,

It’s not a nightmare but an unwanted memory.




By Molly Sellers